Found these mushrooms in my backyard and thought they would make perfect little subjects for some photography.  Anyone know what type of mushrooms these are?  I wonder if they are edible.







~ by Joshua Long on October 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Mushrooms”

  1. Really nice, Josh! What kind of camera do you use?
    Any word on whether they are edible?

  2. I’m using a Canon Rebel XSi. I saw a 7D today and it blew my mind. Using the stock lens…I think it is 35-80 with Image Stabilization. Are you shooting anyting these days?

    • Not really. I’m sticking mostly to kitchen misadventures and blurry night shots. I’ve just got a point-and-shoot. I’m intimidated by the serious cameras, but they sure take nice photos.

      I’d need some picture-taking training before I make that plunge. But that’s problematic, too, because I think it’s hard to read about techniques online without having something to practice on. I’ve seen some decent, down-to-earth tutorials recently. Most of my problem comes from trying to rush through stuff, I think, instead of studying the frame, settings, etc. I guess once I take decent photos with the point-and-shoot, I’ll think about movin’ on up.

  3. You should go ahead and get a good SLR if you want to eventually use one. You can always use your point in click when you get intimidated. All the good SLRs have an auto setting that required you to do nothing but point and click and is actually more intuitive than most “point and click” cameras. Make sure to get a real SLR (detachable lens) and not an SLR-like camera. Get a Nikon or Canon (I vote for Canon always). Amazon is the best place to buy cameras…always fast and inexpensive. Let me know if you’d like help getting used to one. You can even borrow mine sometime if you like.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely think about it.

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