TV vs Radio


I am by most standards a moderately conservative modern; however, this post could be evidence that I am a liberal luddite. First, I deem radio programs to be far superior to television. My two favorite entertainment shows are radio shows (“This American Life” and “Radio Lab“). Because of the restrictions of radio (no visuals) the creators must be especially clever.

I also choose to get my news on the radio because it is concise yet thorough. Which brings me to my next point. I listen to the news programs that run on public radio, like “The World” and “Fresh Air.” When I tell this to my conservative friends they often make me feel like a traitor for listening to “liberal radio.” I find these radio programs to be the most balanced news sources among all sources video, audio, print or otherwise. Furthermore, I find Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage to be among the least balanced, least thoughtful people in all of the world. Yelling and name calling are in no way akin to presenting a logical argument.

So the whole point of this post is this:
1. Friends, please give radio a chance.
2. Conservative comrades, please step up your game. Please find a way to use the media of your choice to share a credible, compelling story that represents our values.


~ by Joshua Long on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “TV vs Radio”

  1. Well put, Joshua! I couldn’t agree more.

  2. I heart me some NPR. Great programs. You can’t beat “This American Life.”

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