Bad Coffee`

I have tried to quit coffee before but have always crawled back to its earthy warm goodness. This week, I switched to decaf. Does anyone know of a good Decaf coffee that doesn’t taste like old burnt popcorn kernels?


~ by Joshua Long on December 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bad Coffee`”

  1. go on line and check out Peet’s Coffee. Also, check out intelligentsia coffee. Good stuff. The Buck’s only offering in the decaf department isn’t my fave, but neither is decaf. 8)

  2. intelligensia is always going to be fun times. my suggestion is mostly to make sure your decaf is swiss water processed. most decafs are decaffeinated using methyline chloride, stay away from that stuff.

  3. This week I finally quit all coffee and caffeine completely. Still not feeling all that well but perhaps it is still withdrawals. Don’t take caffeine withdrawals lightly…it’s the real deal. Don’t believe me? Try going from 11 cups a day to 0 cold turkey. I’ll bring you soup at home because you will be in pain. Caffeine is certainly a powerful drug, even if it doesn’t seem like it to you now.

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