Story (or how to share your faith in a loving way)

I am sure most of you share my frustration with popular media’s portrayal of Christians.  Somehow, almost every person tagged “Christian” who gets airtime is either a Universalist or a hateful bigot.  I am surrounded by believers who love God with all of their hearts and love the people around them, yet I don’t see this represented in my cultural environment.

I want to show you two videos that do not come from popular media.  I want to see people like this being open about faith by simply sharing their stories.  These two are great examples because they are both musicians, but that is about the only thing they have in common outside of faith.  These two stories placed next to one another demonstrate how God can use the extreme and the seemingly mundane to build the Kingdom.  

Some of you who are reading are scared to share your faith because you have had so much drama and struggle.  You don’t want people to know that dark side of you or you feel like you messed up so badly that God cannot redeem your story.  Let the story of Brian Welch give you courage and challenge your pride.  Some of you feel like you have no compelling story because you never experienced such a drastic rebellion.  You wonder, “Why would anyone want to hear about someone who grew up in the church and in a Christian home and is now a person of faith?”  Let the story of Jason Castro inspire you to see the story of transformation and mission in your life and share it!


~ by Joshua Long on December 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Story (or how to share your faith in a loving way)”

  1. I have been enjoying I plan on showing some of those videos in my class. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. hey Josh, Mike from TX here.. looks like a nice bit of journaling you’ve got here, expect a new reader ^_^

  3. Good to hear from you mike. I got you on as well.

  4. today during the marathon their were Christians with big signs about hell. i was not amused…

  5. Thanks, Emily. That is a great example of how we often misrepresent the heart of the gospel. I wonder how I misrepresent the gospel. I’d certainly like to know if I am so I can change it.

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