Worst Idea…Ever

I usually don’t randomly attack ideas, but this company left an ad on my front porch so I feel justified in critiquing the product.  Here it is: Green E’co Towel (that’s right, there is a trendy French style accent mark in there).


Here’s the problem.  It is a compressed paper towel the size of 15 dimes stacked together.  In the photo, as you can see, in order to dry your hands with it, you must first wet the towel.  I was graciously left a sample of this item and was thoroughly amused to find that in order to use the towel, it must be soaking wet.  There is a flaw in reasoning here.  Secondly, these compressed towels take up more space per 100 than a roll of paper towels, not to mention that they cost 50 cents each!  Whoever allowed this product to end up on the market needs a psych eval.  The worst part is that I fear people will actually buy these.  If you have already bought this product, please don’t tell me or I may be forced to defriend you. 

Also, I have begun selling solar powered flashlights if anyone is interested *-)


~ by Joshua Long on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Worst Idea…Ever”

  1. Solar powered flashlights are cool… if there are rechargeable batteries involved…

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