Let’s have a sensible discussion here

Drugs, guns, gay marriage, abortion, welfare, war.  I’m going to ask you to share about it.  Wait…hold on…take it easy!  I don’t want your opinion on why one is right or wrong, we’ve all heard it and we’ve all made up our minds.  In fact, I don’t want opinions at all, only well-crafted arguments using verifiable facts and ending in viable conclusions.  The question is not about the morality of these issues.  Here is the question: what should be the role of government when it comes to these issues AND WHY?  

Should the government be the morality police?  Should the government be laissez-faire when it comes to morality?  What about fiscal policy?  How does a government view on fiscal policy/international policy affect your view of the government’s moral responsibility?  What is the job of our government!?  Let’s figure it out and put it to work for us!  Give me references: the constitution, John Locke, Jefferson, Hamilton, Plato…let’s do this right!

I am not going to post or respond here for a few reasons:

1. I’m still trying to figure it out and haven’t heard much in the way of reasonable argument.

2. I’m a pastor and so will fly a little low because I don’t want to allow politics to distort my role as a leader in a much more important battle.

3. I’m tired.  I’d love to come back in a few hours and see a great debate taking form here.


~ by Joshua Long on November 14, 2008.

One Response to “Let’s have a sensible discussion here”

  1. Wow, how much time do you have to read a response? lol. The greatest American political thinkers have toiled over such questions for hundreds of years. I could take each on in turn, but each would require a separate 1,000 words or more to do them justice. So, I’ll have to chew on that. Perhaps answer them in turn on my site. We’ll see. Good stuff though.

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