Cyber life

I love the way blog comment managing works.  People comment on your post.  You can allow it or block it.  You can even go back later to remove it.  I really wish that real life worked that way.  Let’s say you are standing around with a group of guys.  You start a conversation about cars or dogs or work or whatever.  Others join in.  After a while, someone says something completely inappropriate or annoying.  At that point, you could simply say, “I’m sorry.  I started this conversation and that comment will not be allowed here.  If you’d like to start a conversation of your own very far from here, you are welcome to do so.  In fact all future comments by you will be blocked automatically.”


~ by Joshua Long on September 8, 2008.

One Response to “Cyber life”

  1. I thought you could do that.

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