Mountain Biking

This morning I set out on my first mountain bike ride since temperatures got out of control.  It was pretty cool outside, so I gave it a go.  Here are some photos:

The bike.  A Marin Muirwoods designed as a commuter bike but has been modified to withstand cross country trail riding.  Love this bike.

The rider.  Feeling confident and impatient.

The tunnel.  I have to ride through here to get to the desired trail.  It gets shorter toward the other end.  I scraped my helmet on the top on the way out.

The dark green plant in the center is called Mormon Tea.  You can soak it in hot water for a refreshing drink.  The other plant is a mean cactus.  A few months ago I was riding with my friend Kyle in the same area when I heard him yelling substitutions for curse words (dang, hooey, etc.)  He had a broken-off piece of this type of cactus hanging off his knee.

I think this is a barrel cactus.

At the top of my run, looking back down into the valley.  Still feeling confident and ready to burn it all the way back.  Should be lots of fun.  Should have noted in my mind any rough turns but oh well…

My body lying in a tangled mess after my first endo crash (end over the handlebars.)  Statistically speaking, I should have a broken collarbone right now.  No damage done.  What a fun ride.


~ by Joshua Long on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mountain Biking”

  1. Glad to see that i made the blog.
    And that endo looked pretty crazy. Wish I could have been there to witness it. It wasn’t on that ridiculous rock “mountain” that is impossible to go over?

  2. nice bike.

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