Mad skillz

So I’ve always wanted to start a blog that highlights all the stupid things I’ve seen people do on tiny scooters complete with pictures.  This blog is about more than moto morons but I had to post this.  I was so bummed I didn’t get a picture in time.

We were on the east side of town taking Darnell to visit his mother when I spotted a highly skilled motorist.  This large man was riding a tiny red scooter, steering it with one hand and lugging a weedeater in the other hand.  If you’ve ever handled a weedeater, you know they are heavy on one end and light on the other and fairly difficult to balance.  This guy must have put a lot of time in training to be able to accomplish this feat.

I then began to imagine the possibilities.  Close your eyes and picture a large man wearing boots and shorts, riding a tiny red scooter around your lawn (which is non-existent if you live in Vegas) with a weedeater, trimming the edges of the sidewalk, perhaps even mowing the entire yard.  That’s mad skillz.


~ by Joshua Long on July 28, 2008.

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